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IZS60-1A Industrial Syringe Pump

Max Flow25mL/min
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IZS60-1A is an industrial syringe pump independently developed by Chonry Pump Industry. It is driven by a stepper motor and ground ball screw transmission piston. It provides a variety of sample injectors to choose from, suitable for different work requirements, originally imported parts, durable Corrosion durable, long life, good anti-interference, suitable for industrial environment, provide RS232, and RS485 communication control, and support OEM customization.

Features and Benefits:

- Stepper motor drive, ground ball screw drive piston to ensure high precision transferring

- Smart operation, support anti-collision alarm, error report, photoelectric encoder out-of-step detection

- Safe and reliable,electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference

- Multiple injector, wide range of linear speeds and diverse applications

- Small size, compact structures, support OEM customized

- Original imported parts, corrosion-resistant and durable, long service life


The ZS60-1A syringe pump is the best solution for industrial fluid transfer. It has high precision control and a wide linear speed range. It can be widely used in

- OEM equipment and instrument for sample preparation

- Auto sampling

- bacterial culture, sampling detection

- Biological analysis

- Chip automated pick

- Chromosome analysis

- DNA sequencing

Working principleStepper motor drive, ball screw drive, rotary encoder to monitor displacement, with 0-bit detection
Rated stroke60mm corresponds to 6000 steps
Linear speed range50μm/sec – 5mm/sec (ie: 20 minutes slower for full stroke; 1.2 seconds faster for full stroke)
Control resolution1 step or 0.01mm
Stroke control accuracyWhen the stroke is greater than or equal to 30%, the error is less than or equal to 5‰
Piston driving forceMaximum driving force ≥ 7kg; secondary driving force ≥ 3kg
Injector type50μl ,100μl ,250μl, 500μl, 1ml ,2.5ml ,5ml,10ml,25ml
Applicable valve
Valve type3 Port 120º Valve
Transposition timeTransposition time of two adjacent ports≤250ms
Valve driveStepper motor drive, photoelectric encoder feedback position, out-of-step monitoring
Valve materialSpool: Teflon Body: Teflon
Valve interfaceTubing fitting: 1/4-28 thread fitting; Injector fitting: 1/4-28 thread fitting
External control interface
Communication Interface RS485 communication interface, communication rate: 9600 baud rate/38400 baud rate optional
RS232 communication interface, communication rate: 9600 baud rate/38400 baud rate optional
External input interface2 external TTL inputs with isolation; used to control start-stop after pause
External output interface3 external TTL outputs with isolation
Device address dial interfaceThe device address can be set externally through the BCD dial
Parameter jumper selection interfaceReserve 6 external jumper selection parameters (valve selection, communication rate selection, communication mode selection)
Software function
Initialization command seriesComplete the initialization state of valve and piston through various commands
Parameter setting command seriesComplete the setting of parameters such as speed, start slope, relative 0 point position, dead zone volume, etc. through different commands
Valve Control Command SeriesComplete movement of various valve positions
Piston Control Command SeriesAccurate displacement of the piston by different commands
Control command seriesSingle, repeated, and delayed execution of single commands, combined command sequences, and stored command sequences through different commands; as well as suspending and terminating tasks, etc.
Report command seriesThrough various commands, the valve position, piston position, piston driving force, piston speed and other states of the equipment can be monitored in real time
 Equipment dimensions High245mm
 Power Requirements Voltage24V DC
 Work environment requirements Temperature10℃-40℃
Humidity20%-95% at 40℃

IZS60-1A Syringes Pump Injector Size Parameter

Injector SizeMax flow (mL/min)

Pipeline Recommendation Table

Industrial syringe pump IZS60-1A applicable hose
Article numberDescribeLength
008T16-050-201.6mm (1/16") O.D. x 0.5mm (.02") I.D.20m
008T16-050-2001.6mm (1/16") O.D. x 0.5mm (.02") I.D.200m
008T16-100-201.6mm (1/16") O.D. x 1.0mm (.039") I.D.20m
008T16-100-2001.6mm (1/16") O.D. x 1.0mm (.039") I.D.200m
008T32-150-203.2mm (1/8") O.D. x 1.5mm (.059") I.D.10m
008T32-150-1003.2mm (1/8") O.D. x 1.5mm (.059") I.D.100m



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