Peristaltic pump is used for filling ampoules with higher fluid viscosity

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illing ampoules with higher fluid vi

Peristaltic pump safe and healthy, stable operation, adjustable pressure, can handle most viscous fluid, excellent performance in pharmaceutical and food bottling.
Chuangrui's customers in a pharmaceutical factory in shandong province are comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprises mainly engaged in the production of large-capacity injection, and the filling production of various kinds of pharmaceutical liquid, including sensitive preparations, viscous preparations, corrosive preparations and so on.
Customer example:
The customer USES automatic filling equipment and plunger pump (10 heads) to fill ampoules with the volume of filling liquid in the range of 1ml ~ 20ml, 10 bottles/time, and the single filling time is between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds.
The plunger pump has a good effect, but when the speed is too fast and the liquid viscosity is large, the plunger pump body is easy to be damaged during repeated extraction and filling. In view of this situation, the pharmaceutical company procured peristaltic pump for production.
The site is the original complete set of equipment. During the transformation of the customer's equipment, it should be compatible with peristaltic pump of our company, so as to meet diversified production requirements.The sealing filling system is applied to fill viscous liquid without affecting the original automatic equipment.

Peristaltic pump is used for filling ampoules with higher fluid viscosity
Sealed filling pump:
GS600|LP25-6 pump head,Filling system seal pump -10 channels:(as shown in the figure)
15# silicone tube (medical grade), hose connected with y-joint, filling needle (medical grade stainless steel), 15# check valve (medical grade)
Refer to hose selection table
Single channel filling Suggested hose type
20ml 15#
10ml 15#
5ml 3.2*2.4
2ml 2.4*2.4
1ml 1.6*2.4
Chuangrui will send professional after-sales technical personnel to the factory for the installation and debugging of equipment, so as to make the flow more accurate and the production more secure.

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