Peristaltic pump for solid phase microextraction

Keywords:Peristaltic pump, water quality monitoring, sample collection, solid phase extraction
solid phase microextraction

SPME is a new technology of sample pretreatment. SPME is one of the best sample pretreatment methods at present. It has the advantages of simplicity, low cost and easy automation.,Now SPME has been widely used in environmental protection and water quality treatment, clinical medicine, public security case processing, national defense and other fields.
The SPME device has a telescopic rod in the needle, and a molten quartz fiber is attached to the SPME device, and its surface is coated with chromatographic stationary phase. Generally, the molten quartz fiber is hidden in the needle, and when necessary, When needed, push the sampler push rod to allow the quartz fiber to protrude from the needle.
Solid phase microextraction is divided into two steps. The first step is extraction. The needle is inserted into the sample container and the quartz fiber is pushed out to extract the sample.The second step is to insert the needle into the chromatogram injector in the sampling process, push out the quartz fiber, and complete the steps of desorption and chromatogram analysis.
Of course, in the process of collecting and bottling, the sample liquid can also be collected under the action of peristaltic pump.
Peristaltic pump for solid phase microextraction
Advantages of peristaltic pump in sample liquid collection:
Accurate flow, micro collection can be completed according to actual needs.
The sample liquid does not touch other devices except the pump pipe to ensure that the sample is not contaminated
To protect the safe operation of personnel when collecting corrosive and harmful samples.

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