Peristaltic pump or pump head can be used for vending machine

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Peristaltic pump can be used for ven

We have a customer who specializes in vending machine customization service and customizes functional vending machines according to customers' requirements. For the manufacturing of fluid commodity vending machines, chuang rui's peristaltic pump products are used.
In fact, peristaltic pump can not only be independently used in all walks of life in fluid processing, but also can be used as product accessories in mechanical matching.
The customer's product requirements are as follows:
Application: beach - sunscreen lotion vending machine
Delivery fluid: sunscreen lotion
Select OEM peristaltic pump supporting existing procedures,
The speed and flow of the pump head can be varied and adjusted.
The commonly used mode is medium and small flow, and the commonly used value is 10ml/min.
Small pulsation, no splashing, no leakage,
Flow is relatively stable, less maintenance and easy to operate.
Peristaltic pump or pump head can be used for vending machine
The solution is as follows:
KZ25 Double pump head rotor Angle stagger the design+Y-Type connector
36# Imported silica gel hose
Equipped with speed adjustment function
Chuang rui peristaltic pump products in the vending machine, there are many applications:Ketchup vending machine,milk vending machine ,tea vending machine,etc.
In general, the kinds of vending machines that we have more contact with in our daily life are common in food and beverage. In fact, as long as there is a demand for quantitative sales of fluid products, the vast majority of cases can be completed through peristaltic pumps or related products.
The selection of chuangrui peristaltic pump for supporting use of automatic vending machines has six advantages: accurate flow, stable performance, complete functions, safety and health, customized service, after-sales support, so that you can choose with peace of mind.
Peristaltic pump or pump head can be used for vending machine

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