Application example of peristaltic pump for flotation dosing in mining and metallurgy industry

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flotation dosing in mining and metal

With the development of mining industry, peristaltic pump small instrument plays an increasingly important role in precise dosing.
Peristatic pump can ensure the accuracy of adding flotation agent in the flotation process of mining, reduce the control error of manual dosing, and make the dosing process automatic and intelligent.。
The advantages of using peristaltic pump for dosing are as follows:
(1) high accuracy, the error is about ±0.5%.
(2) peristaltic pump has its own 4-led display screen, which can display the flow or speed of the pump on the spot.
(3) linear addition, the flow agent is in the form of silk or water droplets, and it is added evenly in real time, which is conducive to the stability of the flotation process.
(4) the system has a low failure rate and low maintenance cost. Imported materials are used in the drug delivery pipeline. Only the pump head hose needs to be replaced regularly.
Application examples of flotation dosing in Mineral smelting industry
For the following application scenarios, BG600FJ-S peristaltic pump  (industrial distributed peristaltic pump) is selected and yz35-13 aluminum pump head is used.
Rhyolite Ridge Lithium Boron Pilot Plant


Vat leaching of crushed ore

Chuangrui peristaltic dosing pump is widely used in mining and metallurgy industry/flotation industry, which can transport liquid with particles or high viscosity.
Working advantages of chuangrui peristaltic pump:
* high tightness: with good self-priming ability, can idle, can prevent backflow;
* high precision value: accurate dose, suitable for micro dose;
* high benefit point: reduce labor cost, increase production efficiency/production effect;
* low shear force: ideal for conveying shear sensitive and erosive fluids;
* simple maintenance: no valves and seals, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning.
Meet  needs:
Flotation: add a variety of drugs (4-6 kinds), a dosing point;
Reverse flotation: addition of one drug, multiple dosing.
pointsCommon products:
BT100LC、BT300LC 、BT100MH、BT300MH、SG600LC
Industry application can be customized——OEM

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