Peristaltic pump -- material transportation and pesticide spraying of plant protection uav

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Nowadays, modern agriculture with a large area of cultivation has a great demand for plant protection uav in the field of medicine spraying. Plant protection uav has entered the intelligent era, which can set flight routes and flight parameters according to the pre-measured terrain, and realize full-course autonomous flight. The operating capacity can reach 80 mu per hour, and the efficiency is 60-80 times that of human labor.
With high efficiency, low cost and no harm, eppo uavs have a huge market prospect. The supporting use of peristaltic pump makes an important contribution to the material transportation and precision spraying of eppo.
Peristaltic pump is a new type of industrial pump widely used in fluid transportation of various industries. It can work in almost any process of fluid, with minimum flow up to microliter /min and maximum flow up to kiloliter /h。
During the working process of peristaltic pump, the pump body does not make any contact with the fluid. Under the vacuum suction after extrusion, peristaltic pump can deliver strong corrosion, high viscosity, particulate matter and sensitive media. Meanwhile, due to its non-valve and non-sealing ring installation characteristics, it can also effectively prevent the cross-contamination caused by liquid leakage and dye.

The peristaltic pump plays an important role in material transportation when spraying pesticide liquid by uav.
Peristaltic pump has the following advantages in supporting the application of material transportation and precision spraying for plant protection uav:
1. Controllability and simplicity
Adjusting the drive speed can directly realize the size control of liquid flow in the pipe, which can easily realize the precise spraying and variable spraying, and achieve the optimal medication effect

2No pollution and easy maintenance
Peristaltic pump in liquid transfer liquid contact hose only, and pump body and accessories without any contact, corrosive fluid and chemical fluid can be easily completed transmission;After use, just clean peristaltic pump hose, easy to disassemble, easy to clean.

3.Durability and safety
Peristaltic pump design principle is simple and powerful, wear-resisting and loss-resistant components, can be used for the long-term transport of various pesticides, and suitable for a variety of pesticide mix.Good sealing performance, no seepage, no leakage, no dripping,The equipment damage caused by pesticide immersion in the fuselage is avoided, and the health impact of harmful liquid on operators is also avoided.

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