Peristaltic pump is used to inject washing agent, softener and bleach into automatic washing machine

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Automatic intelligent washing machine can set automatic washing mode according to the amount of clothes and the degree of cleanliness. In the whole washing and nursing process of clothes, no manpower is needed, which can greatly reduce the input of labor and avoid the problem of incorrect manual dosage caused by various factors, so as to meet the requirements of laundry quantity and quality.
Washing process, regular and quantitative injection of laundry detergent, softening agent and bleaching agent is a major key problem to be solved by automatic washing machine. The emergence and application of peristaltic pump play an important role in conveying the liquid input function of automatic washing machine:
Self - suction ability: can pump viscous, strong adhesion liquid;
Special material pump pipe: corrosion resistance/chemical preparation;
Durability sealing: peristaltic pump working stability, not easy to damage, can meet long time continuous work。

Peristatic pump has high precision and precise dosage of laundry agent in the process of liquid injection, which can save costs and reduce the damage of washing chemicals to clothes and environmental water pollution. It is a good benefit point for laundry room and laundry factory.
Many household washing machines are also equipped with mechanical accessories similar to peristaltic pump. Whether it is a production washing machine or a life washing machine, the supporting use of peristaltic pump plays an important role in the washing process and has practical significance.
When using peristaltic pump for automatic washing machine, the following points should be paid attention to:
A. Adaptability of peristaltic pump model and washing machine model
B. Rationality and safety of peristaltic pump pipeline setting
Change in height of c detergent liquid level
D viscosity specific gravity of different detergents
Influence of room temperature and water temperature on the viscosity of detergent
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