Chemical reaction to peristaltic pump hose application requirements

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Chemical reaction hose

With the multiple development of social production, peristaltic pump is widely used in all walks of life, such as water treatment, food and beverage, chemical research, medical and pharmaceutical, etc., which plays a very important supporting role in the chemical reaction process.
First of all, the drug solution used in chemical reactions has certain risks, and secondly, it also has high operational requirements in terms of accuracy.Problems such as high risk coefficient and high labor intensity are normal in chemical reaction work.

The peristaltic pump is used for feeding chemical reactions. Through the mode adjustment of peristaltic pump, the purpose of feeding raw materials from the boiler to the reaction kettle is achieved. Mechanical replacement of human labor can directly reduce the labor intensity of chemical experimenters and ensure safe production.Ensure accurate value, improve experimental efficiency and output.
Because of the corrosive nature of the chemical raw materials, the performance of the only component in contact with the material - the hose presents an important challenge.So what are the requirements for using a hose in a chemical reaction?
1. Self-elastic recovery -- the hose can quickly recover to the pre-extrusion state after being squeezed by the pump head roller.
In the feeding process of chemical reaction, the hose is under the operation of peristaltic pump for a long time, with high strength and pressure, and has direct contact with the chemical raw materials. If the self-elastic recovery of the hose is poor, it will directly affect the conveying accuracy of peristaltic pump, so as to affect the reaction results.

2. Wear-resisting and pressure-resistant -- the hose has a long service life under long-term extrusion and friction.
Peristaltic pump works by squeezing the pump pipe to generate pressure and flow. If the hose itself is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, it is easy to damage and cause leakage of raw materials.First of all, the production efficiency is affected by the absence of work, and secondly, the frequent replacement of new tubes produces economic waste.

3, corrosion resistance
In the process of experimental production, the hose is in direct and frequent contact with chemical fluid, so it needs to have far higher chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance than ordinary pipes. A hose with high quality and hardness is an essential peristatic pump component in the process of safety experiment and production.
Recommended hose:
# Import tube——Norprene a-60-f
· moderate strength acid and base resistance
·CIP and SIP cleaning/disinfection systems

It can withstand temperature from -51°C to 135°C, and can be repeatedly sterilized under high temperature and high pressure.
Resistant to most common cleaning agents and disinfectants than ordinary rubber.
Tube aging resistance, not brittle crack, can be steam disinfection.
Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with the relevant standards of American fda3-a and NSF.
Excellent abrasion resistance, also suitable for peristaltic pump tube.
# Import tube—— Fluran F-5500-A
· highly corrosive liquid transfer
· strong acid and alkali resistance (e.g. 98% concentrated sulfuric acid)

Can withstand most of the strong acid, strong alkali, fuel oil, organic solvents, etc.
Can be used for a long time at up to 204°C;
Strong ozone resistance and weather resistance;
Excellent elasticity and flexibility, it is an ideal peristaltic pump pipe for conveying strongly corrosive medium.

# Import tube—— Norprene Chemical

· strong acid and alkali resistance and strong corrosive organic solvent
· transport strong corrosive liquids such as acid base/ketone

Norprene chemica Hose has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and long service life;
Tube inner wall is teflon material, the surface is smooth, does not contain plasticizer;
Anti-liquid adsorption, no absorption;
The outer layer is long-life wear-resistant material, which is an ideal choice for carrying acid, alkali, sprinkling essence, ketone and other strong corrosive liquids.
# Import tube——Tygon2375
· strong acid, alkali and organic solvent
· ketones, salts, alcohols, MEK, x-rays
· battery acid filler, dangerous material, ink filling

Strong chemical resistance, can safely handle butanone and other strong corrosion chemicals;
No plasticizer, no precipitates;
Smooth inner wall, can inhibit the growth of bacteria;
Hydrophobic adsorption is very low, which can ensure the integrity of the fluid through;
Comply with USP Class VI FDA and NSF standards.

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