peristaltic pump for Food industry application

Keywords:peristaltic pump,Food industry application

Customer demand  
1. Quantitative transfer and dispensing of fluids in the food industry.
2. One-time loading is 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, the required output is 9600 bottles a day, and the production time is 8 hours a day.
3. The liquid has a certain consistency, similar to milk.
4. It is required to install a quick-operating twist, one bottle at a time.
5. The hose is required to have the corresponding food grade certification such as FDA.
1. Food transmission requirements Use the quantitative function to select the Chuangrui distribution type product, with automatic timing and quantitative function.
2. The user's loading range is wide, from 10ml to 500ml, the construction uses the two products of Chuangrui, BT600FC and SG600FC. Under normal circumstances, one SG600FC can satisfy the loading of all customers' products, but due to the use of hoses. The more refined, the sub-assembly
The absolute error is relatively large, so it is recommended to use two products for dispensing.
3.The pump outlet can be connected with matching filling needles and other products to effectively reduce liquid dripping and improve product transmission accuracy.
Generate value
1. Effectively improve the transmission accuracy, the peristaltic pump distributes the liquid volume, the repeatability accuracy is ≤ 2%, and the laboratory syringe pump stroke control error is ≤ 0.5%.
2. Avoid cross-contamination of fluid during transmission. When the peristaltic pump transmits fluid, the fluid only contacts the hose. By replacing the hose, the same pump can be used to transport different kinds of fluids, and there is no cross between the fluids. Pollution. The hose is a medical and special hose and is certified by the FDA.
3. It can be operated online with external control devices such as foot switch. The peristaltic pump has various control modes, which can control the running state of the pump through RS485 communication control or analog signal control mode, so it can integrate automatic control system with other equipment in the laboratory. .
4. Chuangrui SG600FC products are driven by simple servo motor, the ratio is 0.1 rpm, the number of revolutions can be adjusted from 0.1-600 rpm, and the subdivision number is ten times that of the same period in the industry.
5. Chuangrui peristaltic pump can be distributed free of charge with a computer operation test software, which can directly control the start and stop and speed of the peristaltic pump through the computer.

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