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In vitro diagnostic medical device refers to any medical device, including reagents, reagent products, calibration materials, and control materials, that the manufacturer is scheduled to use for in vitro examination of samples taken from the human body, including blood and tissue donors, either alone or in combination. , kits, meters, devices, equipment or systems. The in vitro diagnostic industry has been developed with the development of modern laboratory medicine, which in turn has led to the rapid development of disciplines such as laboratory medicine and basic medicine.
Medical in vitro diagnostic equipment requires a high-precision, non-polluting, safe and reliable sampling system to complete sample pretreatment, sample/reagent addition and other processes. Corrosive solvents are often used for flushing pipelines and pump chambers, and waste liquid containing crystals or blood clots needs to be drained out of the system in time. The Chuangrui peristaltic pump has obvious advantages in the sample introduction system.
Advantages of peristaltic pumps in in vitro diagnostic equipment:
The peristaltic pump is non-polluting and the fluid only contacts the hose to prevent contamination of the liquid.
Peristaltic pump low shear: ideal for conveying shear sensitive, aggressive fluids
Peristaltic pump has good sealing performance: it has good self-priming ability and can be idling to prevent backflow.
The peristaltic pump is easy to maintain: it only requires a hose change and low maintenance costs.
Peristaltic pumps are widely used in in vitro diagnostic equipment
Such as clinical chemical analysis equipment, immunochemical analysis equipment, blood analysis equipment, microbial analysis equipment, etc.
Commonly used products: Ct1000 series YZ1515x OEM product series: DG, WP110,

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