Essional oil filling peristaltic pump

Essional oil filling peristaltic pump

Essional oil filling peristaltic pump

Essential oils are substances that are refined from the leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots, bark, resin, wood, etc. of plants, and have a high degree of aromaticity and volatility. The penetration of essential oils is 50 to 70 times that of ordinary products, and the penetration time is four and a half. It can purify the air and sterilize, provide the nutrition of the cells, increase the immune function, balance the body and mind.
The essential oils currently available on the market are: 100% pure plant essential oils (pure essential oils), vaporized essential oils, and formulated essential oils.
1, 100% pure plant essential oil (pure essential oil): divided into single essential oil (also known as single oil), compound essential oil (also known as composite oil) and base oil (also known as base oil), expensive.
A, single essential oil (single oil): refers to a simple variety, unformulated pure essential oil, can be used alone, can also be used in the mix and match, like a single-flavored drug without formula.
B. Compound essential oil (composite oil): It refers to several kinds of essential oils that have been well-matched and can be used immediately. Generally, the researcher studies the characteristics and chemical properties of various essential oils, and combines them to make finished products. It is more convenient to use, just like a prescription medicine with a prescription.
C. Base oil (base oil): refers to pure plant medium oil used to reconcile one or several high-concentration single-party essential oils (not suitable for direct application on the skin). After being blended with the base oil, it can be directly treated by massage or the like. Use on the body.
2, vaporized essential oil (no fire aromatherapy essential oil): 90% pure plant isopropanol, 5% pure essential oil in the essential oil and 5% distilled water, the price is moderate.
3, the preparation of essential oil: a large number of cheap industrial synthetic spices plus a small amount of pure essential oils, the price is low.

Peristaltic pump are easy for oil small bottle filling .the photo as below :

Essional oil filling peristaltic pumpEssional oil filling peristaltic pump
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