Small peristaltic pump for Milk/coffee/beer vending machine

Small peristaltic pump for Milk/coffee/beer vending machine

small peristaltic pump for Milk/coffee/beer vending machine

A vending milk-dispensing machine designed for unassisted dispensing of cooled fresh milk by the customers.
allows peristaltic pump dispensing milk into PET bottles with the capacity of up to 1 liter. The machine is installed in shopping malls and supermarkets. 

Small peristaltic pump for Milk/coffee/beer vending machineSmall peristaltic pump for Milk/coffee/beer vending machineSmall peristaltic pump for Milk/coffee/beer vending machine

It is a healthy person who has the habit of drinking milk. Fresh milk and bread are used for breakfast, which is simple and nutritious.
Milk has the function of nourishing the stomach and sleeping, as well as strengthening the teeth. Drink a cup of honey and fresh milk before going to bed at night, and moisturize the lungs and nourish the skin.
Germans love to drink milk, but also for cooking, making cakes is indispensable.
I don't know, many people in China are not suitable to drink milk, because the body has an invertase that will make their stomach rise.
A high-quality dairy cow in Germany can produce 25 Liter milk per day. The milk that a cow can squeeze out a day can be used by a family of four for one month. The output is amazing, and no one can match it. It is indeed the master of milk.
The milk sold in Germany is usually 1 Liter, about 1 Euro, and is rarely packaged in glass bottles. In Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada and many other countries, plastic bottles are more common, there are 2.5 Liter family equipment, I have noticed in those countries when staying, the price is easier than Germany.
The German government has very strict monitoring of the foods on the market. The milk supplied by the supermarkets has been sterilized by high temperature, and the tin foil is vacuum-packed and sold on the factory and the warranty date to ensure safety.
There is also a Vollmilch, which has been scientifically processed and can be stored for a few months. It tastes bad and has no smell of cattle. Although the supermarket also sells fresh milk, the taste is not authentic enough, and there is no thin scented oil floating on the level. We call it "sweet flavor". Milk fans love the pure, smooth and crisp taste.
If you want to taste the real pure milk, you have to move your legs to the farm. German labor expensive, there will always be different machines instead of hand labor, such as this automatic milk machine, 24 hours supply, no waiters, like children playing automatic game consoles, plug coins into the line, demand, suitable for casual, The province saves people.

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