peristaltic pump for Scientific research

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Scientific research

peristaltic pump for Scientific research

mixing different fluids stream together after the peristaltic pump and letting them crystallise.

An operation method in which separation is carried out by a crystallization method by using a difference in solubility of each component in the same solvent or in a case of cold and heat.
As long as crystals are formed, the purity of the compound is of comparable purity. Crystallization is one of the important methods for refining solid compounds. The crystals precipitated for the first time are often impure, and the process of making the pure crystals into impure crystals is called recrystallization.
The peristaltic pump acts as a dosing and solubilizing agent during the crystallization process.

Advantages of peristaltic pumps:
1. No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body;
2, high precision: repeatability, high stability;
3. Low shear force: It is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and aggressive fluids;
4, good sealing: has a good self-priming ability, can be idling, can prevent backflow;
5, simple maintenance: no valves and seals;
6, with two-way flow rate of the same flow; no liquid damage, no damage to any part of the pump; can produce 98% vacuum; no valve, mechanical seal and packing seal, no leakage And maintenance factors; can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluid, allowing the solids contained in the fluid to reach 40% of the inner diameter of the tubular element; can transport a variety of materials with abrasive, corrosive, oxygen sensitive properties and various Food, etc.; only the hose is a part that needs to be replaced, and the replacement operation is extremely simple; except for the hose, the delivered product does not come into contact with any part.
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