Drip paint peristaltic pump

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The peristaltic drip pump uses a peristaltic pump to completely solve the shortcomings of the previous gear pump and pneumatic pump. The pump squeezes the rubber tube through three rollers, and forms a vacuum in the tube to extract the insulating paint.
In order to achieve the purpose of dripping paint, the transmission motor of the pump adopts a variable speed gear reduction motor, which can be easily adjusted.
The amount of paint is simple, the operation is convenient, the amount of paint is accurate, basically no maintenance is required, and only the silicone rubber tube can be replaced regularly. In addition, the company can provide 6-channel or 8-channel peristaltic pumps according to the needs of users.

Why use the peristaltic pump to paint ?
The rotor of the motor is coated with a layer of paint, which is insulated.
Insulation treatment is to fill a certain amount of insulating varnish, glue and other impregnating agent, fill the gap between the winding insulation layer and the groove, so that the whole winding is insulated and bonded into one whole. The treated workpiece surface forms a dense, smooth, continuous continuous paint film. Thereby, the heat resistance, thermal conductivity, electrical strength, mechanical strength, and environmental resistance of the entire insulating structure are improved.
The motor starts from winding the coil until the finished product is involved in the insulation process.
Motor insulation has always been an important part of motor production. According to the production experience, once the motor insulation structure is determined, the electromagnetic wire, the lead wire, the shaft insulation, the slot insulation, the turn-to-turn insulation, the terminal block and other components, if properly selected, generally have fewer failures.
If the insulation paint is improperly selected or the quality of the insulating paint is unstable during the insulation process, or the insulation process is not strictly operated, there are generally many problems, and the specific performance is also diverse, and some problems are not easy to find at that time. It will not appear until it is installed as a complete machine or when it arrives at the customer, which will bring great losses to the company. Therefore, the insulation process design designers, process personnel and operators should pay sufficient attention to this aspect in the selection of materials and process operations.
Drip paint peristaltic pump

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