Small Peristaltic pump for Washing Machine

Industrial washing machine

Small Peristaltic pump for Washing Machine 

 Nowadays, the washing machines used by people are mostly fully automatic. The normal operation of this fully automatic washing machine is indispensable for peristaltic pumps. The fully automatic washing machine needs to regularly add various chemicals to complete the entire automatic washing process. Because the peristaltic pump hose can withstand a variety of chemicals, there is no possibility of cross-contamination, good sealing, and accurate metering of pumping viscous liquids. This task is best done by a peristaltic pump.

     Since the detergent has a certain viscosity, when selecting a peristaltic pump, it is necessary to select a peristaltic pump with a relatively thick wall thickness of the hose as much as possible, so that the performance of the peristaltic pump can be better reflected. Using a peristaltic pump to do this can automatically and accurately measure how much detergent should be added according to the amount of the clothes, so as not to waste the detergent or the shortage of detergent, which reduces environmental pollution and water waste. It also saves the cost of manual addition. The washing machine with peristaltic pump adding detergent will be more and more recognized by users and become an indispensable part.

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