Peristsaltic pump for laundry automatic feeding and  dosing system

Peristsaltic pump for laundry automatic feeding and dosing system

Industrial production mainly use our big flow type peristaltic pump for mass production, and application of our pump and matching control system supporting cooperation operation

The automatic feeding and peristaltic pump dosing system of washing machine is mainly composed of three parts: the first part is the system control part, which is composed of the smallest system board and wireless controller to complete the automatic feeding and metering control of the system; the second part is the driving board part, which mainly completes the drive control of various solenoid valves; the third part is peristaltic pump and each circuit.

The main function of the industrial washing machine detergent adding system is to add detergent to the industrial washing machine. It is necessary to add different doses of chemical materials (such as acid, alkali, neutralizer, bleach, disinfectant, etc.) to the washing machine at different times. To achieve this function, electromagnetic valve with metrology sensor and time sharing control is needed. In addition, it is necessary to select and control the time of washing items (such as bed sheets, quilt covers, tablecloths, towels, etc.).

Is the industrial washing machine a household washing machine? Of course not. Although they are used to wash things, they are very different from each other
in appearance or in the type of washing. These differences also lead to the wider use of industrial washing machines than household washing machines.
Industrial washing machines can be used in the following industries:

Industrial washing machine

Hotel guesthouse. In this industry, industrial washing machines are mainly used to wash sheets, bedclothes, towels, bath towels and other cloth grass; because the household washing machine can not meet the hotel cloth washing requirements, and industrial washing machine can almost all do.

Hospital. In this industry, industrial washing machines are mainly used to wash the sheets on the sickbed, pillow towels, work clothes of medical staff, etc. Industrial washing machines used in hospitals and other industries are different, higher requirements.

Machinery and equipment production industry. In this industry, industrial washing machine is mainly to wash the work clothes of workers, because the machinery

industry is indispensable to a variety of grease, industrial washing machine decontamination ability can completely clean this kind of work clothes.

Coal mining industry. In this industry, industrial washing machines are also mainly used to wash the work clothes of workers, the work clothes of this industry is also a kind of detergent with more serious stains, industrial washing machines need to cooperate with the ability to remove stains washing machine can be washed clean.

Peristsaltic pump for laundry automatic feeding and  dosing system
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