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The peristaltic pump initially is used in medicine blood transfusion. Gradually the peristaltic pump is widely used in laboratory experiments with microfluid dispensing, dosing, and mouse perfusion. Because it ensures high precision, no pollution, low cost and free maintenance. Now peristaltic pumps have been continuously improved. Higher precision, more reliability and more practical. Cover wider flow rate. It has wider applications, such as water treatment, mining, chemical reaction and food beverage filling, etc.

Q: The main factors affecting the pressure of the peristaltic pump

a. Wall Thickness
If the inner wall of the hose is thicker, then under the same pressure tube gap, the pressure will be stronger, if the inner wall is thinner, it will be the opposite, and the same pressure will be smaller.
b. Material
For hoses of different materials, under the same pressure tube clearance, the harder the hose, the greater the pressure, and the softer the material, the lower the pressure.
c. Life
As the time of use becomes longer, the hose will gradually become softer due to fatigue and wear, and the corresponding pressure will become smaller. Similarly, if the pressure tube is too tight, it will accelerate the consumption of the life of the hose.

Q: The reason why the peristaltic pump cannot pump the liquid?

a. Misplaced hose installation
b. Too little pressure
c. There is a problem with the hose
d. Other reasons: For example, the liquid is too viscous, the suction lift and lift are too long, and the pressure of the hose is reduced due to the use of the hose for a long time.

Q: How is the flow rate of the peristaltic pump affected?

a. The inner diameter and wall thickness of the hose will affect the flow rate transmitted by the peristaltic pump.
b. The rotation diameter of the pump refers to the diameter of the rotor. The larger the diameter of the rotor, the greater the flow.
c. The higher the speed of the pump, the higher the flow rate of the pump.
d. The number of rollers.

Q: About the Shipping Method and Shipping Cost

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. For express delivery, it is generally an ordinary freight forwarder, and if it is expedited, it is DHL and FedEx.

Q: About Payment Methods

We support payment methods like T/T, PayPal and Credit Card. You can choose one of them or the other, if you have any questions, please contact us.
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