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ACM Peristaltic Pump
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ACM116 OEM Peristaltic Pump

Max Flow366mL/min
Max Speed100rpm

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The flow rate of ACM 116 pump is 366mL/min.  It is a small flow pump used for Lab, chemical transfer. Chonry is the peristaltic pump supplier in China solving your fluid transfer. Contact us to get more information.



Transparent clamshell design, easy to observe the condition of the hose

The pump head is made of PPS+PC material, corrosion resistant and high strength

Adaptive spring tube card, reduce hose wear and longer life

Small volume and large flow, compact structure, stable flow

Roller POM material, excellent heat resistance, wear resistance

Suitable for various types of hoses and power configurations

Packing List

1ACM/WP310 Peristaltic Pump
2Silicone tube 17# *2m
3Straight plastic connector *2pcs
4User’s manual *1pc

Pump HeadWP310
Max Speed(rpm)100
Max Flow (mL/min)366mL/min
Tube Specifications13#,14#,19#16#,18#,17#

ModelPump HeadMotorVoltageMax Speed (rpm)Max Flow (mL/min)

Note: The test environment for flow data is normal temperature and pressure, and the test fluid is water.

The values are for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.





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