Pneumatic explosion-proof peristaltic pumps

Drive Model : QT600


4-6000 ml/min

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Pneumatic peristaltic pump can be installed several pump heads , It’s flow rates is 4 to 6000 ml/min. The speed can be adjusted manually, pneumatic throttle valve to adjust the speed. Applicable  in a variety of environments, especially for explosion-proof requirements of the environment.


Model QT600 Speed Range 10~600rpm, adjusted
Suitable pump head DG series YZ1515x YZ2515x KZ25 Speed control method throttle adjustment speed
Max Speed 600rpm Working pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa
Max flow 6000 ml/min  IP grade explosion-proof design
Air Consumption  4L/Sec Pick tracheal size ID7 mm,OD 10mm
Compressed air pure compressed air Weight About 10 KG

Advantage of CR peristsaltic pump.
CR Peristaltic pump are easy to maintenance
replaceable tubes allow you to switch from one liquid to another in the shortest amount of time.
No need to rinse and disassemble after the flushable product, you only need to replace the peristaltic pump tubing
CR Peristaltic pump with high precisio
The calibration function can ensure the filling accuracy for each dose .The suckback function prevents liquid (reverse): in the dispense mode, after the end of the direct cycle, the return stroke is initiated to prevent the liquid from flowing out of the pump tube during the stop.
CR peristaltic pump are non-pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body;
CR Peristaltic pump is Versatility
CR peristaltic pump can be used with a variety of products and can be used in a variety of industries.
CR peristasltic pump are easy to work
After the power is turned off and on, the control system maintains the current settings (pump head  tubing model and other parameter ).
CR peristaltic pump with good sealing: It has good self-priming ability and can be idling to prevent backflow.
CR peristaltic pump with Low shear: ideal for conveying shear sensitive, aggressive fluids

Suitable pump head :


Pump head Tube ID(mm) Wall thickness Speed Flow rate
(mm)  (rpm) (ml/min)
YZ1515x 13# 0.8 1.6 600 42
14# 1.6 1.6 600 162
19# 2.4 1.6 600 306
16# 3.1 1.6 600 492
25#  4.8 1.6 600 1020
17# 6.4 1.6 600 1740
18# 7.9 1.6 600 2280
YZ2515x 15# 4.8 2.4 600 1020
24# 6.4 2.4 0.1-600 1740
KZ25 15# 4.8 2.4 600 1800
24# 6.4 2.4 600 3000
35# 7.9 2.4 600 4200
36# 9.6 2.4 600 6000


CR peristaltic pump tubing is the most commonly used material for peristaltic pump.
It provides the longest service life, and good chemical compatibility with aqueous and many organic solvents.
Its service life is about 150 hrs at 600 rpm and 825 hrs at 100 rpm.
It can usually be left running on experiments during weekends without much danger of rupture.
A fresh section of tubing should be pulled through the pump rollers before any running peristaltic pump is left unattended.
Silicone tubing can also be autoclaved a single time with a wet cycle without a significant reduction in its life.
High temperature and high pressure sterilization.

The pneumatic explosion-proof pump uses the air compressor to compress the air to drive the peristaltic pump to drive, which in turn drives the pump head to rotate. The fluid in the peristaltic pump can be completely sealed during operation without being exposed to the air at all.

Ordinary peristaltic pumps rely on electric drive to drive the peristaltic pump head. Such a peristaltic pump, in the case of a closed environment, when the density of the fluid in the air is high, once the electric spark generated by the peristaltic pump is running, it is extremely Deflagration is prone to cause extremely serious production accidents.

Therefore, pneumatic explosion-proof peristaltic pumps are widely used for liquid transmission in various flammable and explosive applications.

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