Explosion-proof peristaltic pump

Model : FB600-B/KZ50


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Electric Explosion Proof Peristaltic Pump.Can be installed large flow pump head KZ50 with maximum flowrate of 35000ml/min (single channel).

A sharp explosion peristaltic pump can be mounted high flow pump head. Speed ​​can be adjusted manually adjust the speed planetary CVT. Used in various environments, in particular, the requirement to use explosion-proof environments.

Explosion-proof pumps are also used to move gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, ground water, potable water, salt water, wastewater, sewage, sludge, slurry and ash slurry, gas and air, powders, and rendering wastes, a variety of liquids, liquids with solids, etc.

Model FB600-B
Suitable pump head  KZ50 Nominal voltage AC380V
Speed Range 130-600rpm Nominal frequency 50Hz
Max flow 35000 ml/min nominal power 0.37Kw
Ex pump motor rating EXDII-B-T4 Environment Temperature 0-40
IP Rate IP55 Relatively Humidity 80%

Advantage of CR peristsaltic pump.
CR Peristaltic pump are easy to maintenance
replaceable tubes allow you to switch from one liquid to another in the shortest amount of time.
No need to rinse and disassemble after the flushable product, you only need to replace the peristaltic pump tubing
CR Peristaltic pump with high precision
The calibration function can ensure the filling accuracy for each dose .The suckback function prevents liquid (reverse): in the dispense mode, after the end of the direct cycle, the return stroke is initiated to prevent the liquid from flowing out of the pump tube during the stop.
CR peristaltic pump are non-pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body;
CR Peristaltic pump is Versatility
CR peristaltic pump can be used with a variety of products and can be used in a variety of industries.
CR peristasltic pump are easy to work
After the power is turned off and on, the control system maintains the current settings (pump head  tubing model and other parameter ).
CR peristaltic pump with good sealing: It has good self-priming ability and can be idling to prevent backflow.
CR peristaltic pump with Low shear: ideal for conveying shear sensitive, aggressive fluids

The main parts of KZ50 pump head are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which meet the requirements of GMP standards and can be applied in the fields of pharmaceutical and food with hygienic grade requirements. The pump head adopts a structure in which the pressure block is separated from the pump body, and the surface of the pump body is painted and painted, which is both elegant and easy to clean. KZ50 pump head also has the characteristics of large flow range, stable and reliable operation, corrosion resistance, etc. At the same time, according to the needs of users, the dual pump head can be used in series.

Tube parameter 

Pump head Tube ID(mm) Wall thickness
Speed(rpm) Flow rate
KZ50 92# 25.4 4.8 1-350 35000

CR pump's silicon tube is the most commonly used material for peristaltic pump.
It provides the longest service life, and good chemical compatibility with aqueous and many organic solvents.
Its service life is about 150 hrs at 600 rpm and 825 hrs at 100 rpm.
It can usually be left running on experiments during weekends without much danger of rupture.
A fresh section of tubing should be pulled through the pump rollers before any running peristaltic pump is left unattended.
Silicone tubing can also be autoclaved a single time with a wet cycle without a significant reduction in its life.
High temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Explosion proof peristaltic pump FB600-B 's Speed can be adjusted manually. Or Adjust the speed with a continuously variable transmission.
304 stainless steel housing(customized ) applicable to a variety of environments especially for the requirements of explosion-proof environment.
The pump delivers flow rates 35 L/min.
Driven by AC380V motor(of) the FB600-B has higher torque and can drive double pump heads.
FB600-B is ideal for industrial application to meet your needs of higher pressure and quick fluid transfer.
Steady flow rate lower noise and easy to operate.
Explosion Proof Pumps prevent internal or external explosions through enclosing parts which can ignite either the transfer media or the surrounding atmosphere.
Some explosion-proof pumps are designed to move abrasive materials acids adhesives chemicals concrete and grout coolants hazardous materials liquid metal lubricants etc.
Other devices are rated for combustible corrosive high viscosity high temperature media etc.
Explosion-proof pumps are also used to move gasoline diesel fuel oil ground water potable water salt water wastewater sewage sludge slurry and ash slurry gas and rendering wastes a variety of liquids liquids with solids etc.

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