Pharmaceutical explosion-proof peristaltic pump/FB600





1. Electroplating chemicals.
2. Pharmaceutical machinery supporting.
3. Food and chemical research.
4. Fine chemicals.

Related Application

Explosion-proof pumps are also used to move gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, ground water, potable water, salt water, wastewater, sewage, sludge, slurry and ash slurry, gas and air, powders, solids, and rendering wastes, a variety of liquids, liquids with solids, etc.


Explosion Proof Peristaltic Pump.

Can be installed large flow pump head with maximum flowrate of 12000ml/min (single channel).


Speed can be adjusted manually. Adjust the speed with a continuously variable transmission.


304 stainless steel housing applicable to a variety of environments especially for the requirements of explosion-proof environment.

The pump delivers flow rates from 0.74 to 12 L/min.

Two channels flowrates can be 1.4L~24L/min.

Driven by AC380V motor(of) the DT600 has higher torque and can drive double pump heads.

FB600 is ideal for industrial application to meet your needs of higher pressure and quick fluid transfer.

Steady flow rate lower noise and easy to operate.

Housing of staining steel is conformed to health standard.

Explosion Proof Pumps prevent internal or external explosions through enclosing parts which can ignite either the transfer media or the surrounding atmosphere.

Some explosion-proof pumps are designed to move abrasive materials acids adhesives chemicals concrete and grout coolants hazardous materials liquid me
tal lubricants etc.

Other devices are rated for combustible corrosive high viscosity high temperature media etc.

Explosion-proof pumps are also used to move gasoline diesel fuel oil ground water potable water salt water wastewater sewage sludge slurry and ash slurry gas and air powders solids and rendering wastes a variety of liquids liquids with solids etc.

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