Pneumatic explosion-proof peristaltic pumps -  QT600

Quick description
* Drive Model: QT600
* Pump Head:YZ1515x, YZ2515x, KZ25, YZ35, YZ35-13
* Max speed:600 rpm
* Max flow: 6000ml/min
* Gas consumption:4L/sec
* IP grade: Explosion proof design
·Speed regulation with pneumatic shut-off valve
·Suitable for a variety of working environment, especially explosion-proof environment
Drive model QT600
Max speed 600rpm
Max flow (single channel) 6000ml/min
Working pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Speed control mode Throttle valve adjusting speed
Display Mode Pressure display
Cpmpressde air Pure compressed air
Gas consumption 4L/sec
IP grade Explosion proof design
Drive size 234×204×214(mm)
Drive weight 5.6kg

Speed regulation with pneumatic shut-off valve.
Suitable for a variety of working environment, especially explosion-proof environment.


Suitable pump head & Flow reference  (ml/min)
Pump head YZ1515x YZ2515x KZ25 YZ35 YZ35-13
Tube 13|14|19|16|25|17|18# 15|24# 15|24|35|36# 73|82# 73|82#
QT600 0.007~2280 0.17~1740 0-6000 1.3~12000 1.3~12000

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