High precision touch screen laboratory medical syringe pump/ZS100



10ul/min - 60ml/min

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The various operating modes of the syringe pump ZS100 make it adaptable to the needs of a wide range of applications in different fields. It has a very high control precision and a wide range of line speeds, making it an ideal high-precision, low-flow liquid transfer device.
Unique touch screen design, simple and intuitive to operate
Liquid volume calibration function: more accurate flow through the calibration procedure
Excellent flow control performance
Power-down memory function


Model ZS100-01 ZS100-02 ZS100-03 ZS100-04
No. of Syringes 1 2 3 4
work mode Injection, extraction, injection then extraction, extraction then injection
Maximum stroke 100mm
Stroke resolution (per microstep distance) 0.0238125μm
Linear speed range 0.61μm/min-120mm/min
 (Flow = line speed × inner cross-sectional area of the syringe)
Rated linear thrust ≤180N
(0~100% adjustable)
(0~100% adjustable)
(0~100% adjustable)
(0~100% adjustable
Syringe Size 10μl ~60ml 10μl ~30ml
Syringe customization setting can be directly added 10 sets syringe model No.
 /ID/volume(customer customized)
Flow calibration Yes
Flow range 0.0001μl/min -61.5267ml/min 0.0001μl/min -41.6118ml/min
Step range (1/128STEP) 12.8/30sec~85333/sec
Control method touch screen + keypad
Display 4.3inch LCD display
Language English/Chinese
Power supply AC 100~260V/10W
Environment Temperature 0℃-40℃
Relatively Humidity <80% No condensation
Dimension 260x200x145(mm) 260x200x145(mm) 274x225x146(mm) 260x235x145(mm)
Weight 3.9kg 3.9kg 4.5kg 4.4kg

The syringe pump ZS100 is available in a variety of syringes and flow ranges. The table below is for your reference.

syringe model Syringe ID (mm) Flow range
For reference
10μl 0.5 0.0001~ 0.0239
25μl 0.64 0.0002 ~0.0392
50μl 1.1 0.0006~ 0.1158
100μl 1.59 0.0012~0.2420
250μl 2.3 0.0025~0.5063
500μl 3.26 0.0051~1.0171
1ml 4.73 0.0107~2.1412
2.5ml 8.92 0.0381~7.6151
5ml 12.39 0.0735 ~14.6922
10ml 14.75 0.1041~20.8223
20ml 19.8 0.1876~37.5211
30ml 23.36 0.2611 ~52.2264
50ml 28.91 0.4000 ~79.9909
60ml 29.38 0.4131 ~82.6130

High precision touch screen laboratory medical syringe pump

ZS100 is an injection pump with high precision it supports a variety of work mode.

The 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen can set parameter quickly.

Many instruction light confirm working condition accurately.

This syringe pump supports multiple syringe to choose to meet the needs of different experimental flow quantity high precision control and has the hard and soft protection agencies and alarm mechanism.

Supporting injection and extraction etc. four working modes.

Built-in RS-485 communication Supporting the Modbus agreements wide range power input adapt to various occasions.
1、lab syringe pump

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