What are the characteristics and classification of peristaltic pumps? What is the impact flow?

What are the characteristics and classification of peristaltic pumps? What is the impact flow?

characteristics and classification of peristaltic pumps,peristaltic pump flow rate

    The peristaltic pump is an industrial pump that uses alternate extrusion of rollers. With the extrusion of the rollers on the pump tube, the liquid will flow out from the liquid outlet, because the whole process is a peristaltic process, as the name implies. peristaltic pump. Here we introduce some knowledge about peristaltic pump.
What are the characteristics and classification of peristaltic pumps? What is the impact flow?

    1. Features of peristaltic pump
    Peristaltic pumps have many characteristics such as simple maintenance, convenient installation, and strong applicability. They are used in many industries, such as medicine, chemical industry, food, etc. The small size has a great use.
    When it comes to liquid transmission, what attracts the most attention is the tightness of the pump, and the peristaltic pump happens to have excellent tightness. During the entire transmission process, the liquid only contacts the pump head and the pump tube, which ensures that the liquid is clean and pollution-free. This is also an important reason why peristaltic pumps are popular in medical, laboratories, universities and other fields.
    2. Classification of peristaltic pumps
    According to different industries, peristaltic pumps have also developed several types of peristaltic pumps, such as basic peristaltic pumps, which are mostly used for LED digital display. The intelligent peristaltic pump can set parameters through the color touch screen or observe the operation of the pump in real time, while the OEM peristaltic pump is a peristaltic pump that can be customized according to the needs of users. In addition, there are also industrial peristaltic pumps. Pumps, explosion-proof peristaltic pumps and other types.
    3. Precautions for peristaltic pump
    When using the peristaltic pump, pay attention to keep the fuselage clean. If the production environment is dusty or humid, it is recommended to wrap the fuselage with transparent plastic such as packing film, which can effectively prolong the use time of the peristaltic pump.
    Pay attention to the wear and tear of the hose, and check it regularly to avoid the damage of the hose and the overflow of liquid, which will damage the pump head, and also keep the accuracy of the hose transmission at a relatively high level.
    How is traffic affected?
What are the characteristics and classification of peristaltic pumps? What is the impact flow?
    1. Hose
    The inner diameter and wall thickness of the hose will have an impact on the flow rate transmitted by the peristaltic pump. In general, the larger the inner diameter, the larger the flow rate, and the wall thickness is related to the pressure of the absorbed liquid. The larger the wall thickness, the greater the pressure of the absorbed liquid. also stronger.
    2. Rotation diameter
    The rotation diameter of the pump refers to the diameter of the rotor. The larger the diameter of the rotor, the greater the flow rate. For example, both YZ25m and KZ25 press the No. 36 pipe, so the maximum flow rate of the former is 3000mL/min, while the KZ25 can be used. to 6000mL/min.
    3. The speed of the pump
    This must be easy to understand, that is, the higher the speed of the pump, the higher the flow rate of the pump. At present, the maximum flow rate of the peristaltic pump is 600rpm.
    4. The number of rollers
    The principle of the peristaltic pump is to use the rollers to squeeze the hose alternately to transport the liquid. Therefore, the more the number of rollers, the smaller the flow rate, but the smaller the pulsation, and the higher the transmission stability. Accuracy also goes up.
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