What is the difference between a peristaltic pump and a chemical pump?

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2020-03-20 16:42
In the chemical industry, the use of peristaltic pumps is very common, and various factors must be considered when selecting peristaltic pumps, so what is the difference between it and chemical pumps? Now we introduce the peristaltic pump manufacturers in detail.
  What is the difference between chemical pumps and peristaltic pumps? It is understood that peristaltic pumps are the fastest-growing technology in the world. Generally, chemical corrosives attack the valves, seals, rotors and moving parts of diaphragm pumps and single screw pumps, resulting in damage to the pumps and production interruptions. . The peristaltic pump has no valves, does not leak, and has no mechanical parts on the product line. The fluid is only in contact with the inner wall of the hose or the pipe, and the cost of the pipe is very low, with little maintenance and very durable. Factors usually considered in chemical pump selection: during chemical production. Once the pump fails, chemicals cannot be added normally and the production process is forced to be interrupted.
The use of peristaltic pumps in chemical industry is very common. The process principle of peristaltic pumps is very simple and very convenient to use. Now, as our process technology matures, the performance of peristaltic pumps is more stable.
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