How to use a peristaltic pump

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2019-05-07 09:09
How to use a peristaltic pump?
1, check the peristaltic pump for obvious damage
2. Install the peristaltic pump head and hose in accordance with Chuangrui's instructions or operating video. (Note: Install the hose to ensure that the hose is in the middle of the roller and stretch the pump tube left and right to ensure that the hose is not collapsed in the pump head, and then press the upper clamp before running)
3, access to the appropriate power supply standard, generally the power supply interface of the sharp creep pump will have obvious power supply identification
4. Turn on the peristaltic pump power switch.
5. Operate the peristaltic pump in accordance with Chuangrui's instructions or operating the video.
Note that when the peristaltic pump is running, please do not open the upper pressure block or the touch bearing part of the pump head to avoid injury.


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