Why choose CR peristaltic pump filling system —GS600

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2019-04-02 11:59
The peristaltic pump has the advantages of no pollution, high precision and stable transmission/filling.The peristaltic pump filling system combines all the advantages of a peristaltic pump
The GS600 is an automatic filling machine and a liquid dispensing machine. It can be used with a variety of pump heads, the highest flow rate up to 12L / min / channel. Mainly used for liquid filling, such as: nail polish, juice, milk and so on. It has multiple channels that can simultaneously fill different liquids up to 32 channels. In addition, the GS600 can choose channel control or separate control. Generally use touch screen control, if you need external control, please contact us.
The peristaltic pump filling system is widely used for filling various liquids.
Why choose CR peristaltic pump filling system —GS600
When cleaning products are sealed and packaged, such as cleansing puffs/air cushions BB, etc., the spices or other liquids that need to be added to the cleaning products are transported in. The peristaltic pump is used to accurately add spices or other liquids in the process. s things. The peristaltic pump basically works with the production line. The peristaltic pump needs to set the parameters. Then the customer uses the breaker to control the start and stop of the pump.

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