various effects of peristaltic pump

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2019-02-16 16:09
various effects of peristaltic pump

after the peristaltic pump impeller turns the eccentric Cam, the volume of the cavity of each unit is reduced. Through the inlet pipe unit cavity volume increases, the formation of a partial vacuum, the atmosphere of the fluid into the cavity.
peristaltic pump cavity through the outlet pipe to reduce the volume of fluid is extruded into the cavity outlet pipe. The key to delivering a viscous fluid with a flexible impeller pump is that the flow rate is proportional to the pump speed. Two important factors need to be considered here. The first is the loss of friction inside the pump itself;

various effects of peristaltic pump

The second is the loss of fluid and friction between the pump inlet wall. Friction loss in the pump increases the fluid viscosity and results in a sharp decline in the performance of the centrifugal pump. Although the viscous friction can be reduced by reducing the pump speed, because of the performance of the centrifugal pump is mainly dependent on the speed of the fluid through the impeller, thus reducing the speed will lead to a sharp decline in pump performance. Practical applications fluid viscosity are limited, up to 200-300 cP. peristaltic pump and flexible impeller pump can reduce the internal friction loss due to viscosity by reducing the pump speed.

The impeller blades of this pump can be automatically adjusted to adapt to the speed, fluid viscosity, and different pressures. The pressure drop caused by the loss of friction inside the inlet pipe is an important factor in preventing fluid from entering the pump. To reduce friction losses, the size of the inlet tube must be increased with increasing viscosity. peristaltic pump additionally the inlet tube should be as short as possible and not bent. The greater the viscosity of the fluid pump, the more difficult it is to lift the fluid. if the viscosity is extremely high, the supply tank with an overflow Hopper should be installed on the pump position to provide a positive pressure head to the fluid.

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