Common fault solving method of filling peristaltic pump

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2019-02-16 15:56
Common fault solving method of filling peristaltic pump

Filling peristaltic pump in the normal production process after running encountered problems can be quickly ruled out, to solve the problem, to avoid affecting the normal operation, there will be important economic significance. According to the filling peristaltic pump in the daily use of some of the problems often encountered, gives a few common problems of failure and the corresponding solution.
  One, filling volume is not allowed:
  When filling large size, chute feeding insufficient, causing the liquid level is unstable, can increase the feeding amount or re-off small filling head above the ball valve, re-set the filling time (longer filling time) slow down the filling speed to solve.
  Second, adjust the digital dial or unit, the time does not change:
  Then turn off the power to power again.
Common fault solving method of filling peristaltic pump

  Third, the liquid level is stable, the filling volume is not accurate:
  There is debris clog the filling channel, mainly in the trough entrance or in the filling mouth, check and clean up.
  Fourth, after the closure of the drip:
  1, filling material nozzle orifice is damaged, can be removed filling material nozzle trimming orifice.
  2, filling head ball valve damage, need to replace the ball valve.
  Five, touch the injection switch after the peristaltic pump does not fill material, time relay digital indicator LED does not flash:
  Note material Switch is damaged or time relay base is loose, replace the same type of note material switch or press tight time relay base.

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