origin of peristaltic pump name

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2019-01-03 15:34

To discuss the advantages of the peristaltic pump and the disadvantages of a peristaltic pump, you need to start by understanding the basic principles of the peristaltic pump and the origin of the peristaltic pump name.

peristaltic pump principle: peristaltic pump mechanical principle is very simple. It is by alternately squeezing and releasing the pump tube to pump fluid. Like with two fingers pinch a hose filled with liquid, as with the movement of the finger, the inlet end of the pump tube to form a negative pressure, the liquid will flow within the pump tube, the outlet end of the pump tube will flow out of the liquid.

origin of peristaltic pump name

the origin of the peristaltic pump name: peristaltic pump, English translation for "peristaltic pumps", in the literal sense is similar to the crawling arthropod creatures like regular undulating movement.

peristaltic pump tube in the process of work is to be pressed and displacement pressure wheel, with the displacement of the pressure wheel, not pressed wheel pump tube will naturally rebound, this process is a peristaltic process, this peristaltic process will pump tube material launch, thus producing the effect of pumping, peristaltic pump name that is so.

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