Treatment of corrosive fluids in peristaltic pumps

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2018-11-27 15:57

In industrial production and laboratory tests, often encountered corrosive fluid delivery insecurity and measurement is not accurate enough problems, which greatly affected the efficiency of industrial production and scientific experiments precision rigorous work.

With the improvement of the level of industrial production and the development of Science and technology, more and more enterprises in the industrial production process is widely applied to a delivery device for the transmission of fluid, such equipment during operation, the fluid will not come into contact with in addition to any mechanical means other than the conveying path, which is the

peristaltic pumps in the process of conveying corrosive fluid, through the use of different specifications and chemical properties of the corrosion resistance of the hose, can withstand different acid and alkali in the transmission process of corrosive chemicals, while ensuring the stability of operation.
Treatment of corrosive fluids in peristaltic pumps
At the same time, peristaltic pumps can simultaneously transport fluid, the amount of fluid delivered to be accurately metered, in order to achieve the greatest extent reduce the waste of industrial raw materials, which greatly reduces the production cost of the product.

In addition, due to the peristaltic pumps structure is relatively simple, in the process of maintenance and maintenance, just easy to replace the hose or online cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, without the equipment itself disassembly and installation, to further improve production efficiency.

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