The same point and difference between the peristaltic pump and the syringe pump

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2018-11-27 15:10
  Peristaltic pumps and syringe pumps are widely used in many industries. What are the similarities and commonalities? Let's compare the peristaltic pump BT600LC and the syringe pump ZS100.
The same point and difference between the peristaltic pump and the syringe pumpThe same point and difference between the peristaltic pump and the syringe pump
        The ZS100 is a high-precision single-channel syringe pump that supports multiple operating modes; 4.3-inch color Touch the LCD screen to quickly set the parameters, and multiple indicators clearly confirm the working status.
        And support a variety of syringe selection, adapt to the requirements of different experimental flow, high-precision control, and Soft and hard protection mechanism and alarm mechanism; support four working modes of injection and extraction; wide range of electricity Source input, adapt to various occasions.
        BT600LC peristaltic dosing pump has touch-sensitive color LCD screen to display the Run and parameter setting menu, filling parameters and flow’s display is simple and intuitive, easy operation. It also has flow calibration function, when the filling volume deviation through this calibration, in order to meet the requirements of the users of high-precision filling. With a variety of control methods, with the communication interface to provide users with communication protocol, users can request custom PC software for remote control.
        Through introduction, we can know: 1, peristaltic pump and syringe pump can achieve different flow by replacing parts, peristaltic pump replaces pump head, pump tube, syringe pump to replace syringe. 2. Both the peristaltic pump and the syringe pump can be connected to multiple channels.3、The flow rate of the syringe pump is small, and the flow range of the peristaltic pump is large.4、Both the BT600LC and ZS100 use LCD displays, which have multiple modes of operation, and the syringe pump has four modes :inject、extract、injection extraction、extract injection.The peristaltic pump BT600LC has four modes: transmission, timing transmission, quantitative transmission, and timing quantitative transmission.

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