How to properly maintain the peristaltic pump

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2018-11-23 10:54

In our daily production and life, peristaltic pump has become a very important part, then how to properly maintain the peristaltic pump, first of all, we need to know how to perform peristaltic pump troubleshooting.Below we introduce the common peristaltic pump failures and troubleshooting methods.
1、The peristaltic pump did not operate after starting.
First, check if the power supply is faulty and if the voltage is correct.Then, check that the pump head pump tube installed in the peristaltic pump is consistent with the selected pump head pump tube.

Next, check if the external control is controlled to start and stop the peristaltic pump.If it is a peristaltic pump displayed by LCD, we can check whether it is external control by checking the external control mark.

If the mark on the figure has an "X", the peristaltic pump is not an external control.
2、Peristaltic pump touch screen cannot be operated
At this time we need to check if the lock screen button on the display is turned on.

If the lock is in the open state, the touch screen is operable. If it is locked, the touch screen cannot be operated. This button is set to prevent accidental touches from changing the set value.
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