How often do you replace the pump tube of the peristaltic pumps?

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2018-11-12 15:08

Look at the material of your tube, the performance of the peristaltic pumps, the nature of the liquid transport,

Pipes are divided into pipes and good pipes. Generally, the working hours of silicone pipes are 200 hours. The working hours of good pipes (not the same as those produced in China) are generally 2000 hours.

 peristaltic pumps

The performance of peristaltic pumps is not bad under normal circumstances. If the pipes are often damaged, it is a problem with the peristaltic pumps themselves. It is necessary to consider replacing the peristaltic pumps.

Another decisive factor is the liquid transported by peristaltic pumps. The liquid transported by peristaltic pumps is particularly corrosive, for example, sewage, and it may be changed for several hundred hours.

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