Chuang Rui teaches you how to choose peristaltic pumps

Chuang Rui teaches you how to choose peristaltic pumps

Whether the user can use the standard, the quality of the pump head, the characteristics of the medium to be transported, etc. are also very important factors!A detailed selection of peristaltic pump

Whether the user can use the standard, the quality of the pump head, the characteristics of the medium to be transported, etc. are also very important factors!
A detailed selection of peristaltic pumps:
I. Flow: I am sure that I need to maintain the limit flow (maximum and minimum) of solids. According to your needs, you should choose the following peristaltic pumps.

1. All peristaltic pumps express flow data are determined by clear water. The medium does not have the same flow rate. High viscosity solids, high solids, poorly active solids, etc. There will be a lot of attenuation!

2. The flow parameters indicated are measured at the micro-high and the suction stroke of the clear water. If there is a large suction flow, the flow will drop, and the elevation will be less for the flow loss.

3, the required delivery flow should be within the limit flow of the pump, and please consider the reaction of the above two elements to the flow, in the practice selection, especially the pump that needs temporary operation, we strongly propose that the pump is running at low-speed Satisfactory flow request (≤300rpm), temporary high-speed operation, once will increase the pump life, and the other is that the hose will wear out quickly, your consumables (hose) will be extremely expensive!
Chuang Rui teaches you how to choose peristaltic pumps
Second, I am sure that I need a whole pump or OEM goods. The whole pump can generally be adjusted accurately. You should stop the selection according to the flow, performance, chassis material, protection title, and pump head request, and hose selection.

1. The whole pump, that is, has a perfect performance, can be operated by connecting to the power supply, and does not require amateur learning, and is a standardized cargo.

2. The whole pump can be operated normally by connecting 220V/50Hz for civil or 380V/50Hz energy, without disassembly and adjustment, and the pump can be operated according to the application note. Generally, the current machine can require the price adjustment board to stop the price adjustment within a narrower range, and the step generator can require a wide range of control price adjustment boards, but it is necessary to remember that the normal demand of such a path board is strictly in accordance with the positive cathode request access, once positive The cathode is reversed and the passage plate can be burned!
There are many factors that you need to think about OEM goods, price, flow, performance, generators, hoses, power supplies, etc.
The OEM goods are normally processed for the goods, or they are allowed to be loose parts. The demanding users have the amateur knowledge that they are echoing, and they are installed on their own facilities to complete the special performance. We need more power titles, which are normally divided into two types: exchange power and current. The exchange power is divided into single-phase civil water and three-phase energy. The current is normally divided into 6/12/24V. The current machine is connected to the current machine. It can be operated (the positive cathode only determines that the generator's steering will not burn the generator), while the stepper generator and the brushless generator are infinitely used in the peristaltic pumps, and it is necessary to access the responding driver to operate.

Third, the pump head
The pump head is an important central component. You have to stop the trade-off according to the request. It is normally divided into three types of tributary pump heads: quick-loading type, easy-loading type, and spring-loading type. The quick-loading type is normally used for OEM goods, and the easy-loading type is in the whole pump. Widely used, the spring type is used in OEM and whole pump cargo. Each pump head has its limit flow range. Each pump head is only suitable for the hose of the wall thickness series.

3, the quality of foreign silicone tube goods is not uniform, raw materials, processing technology, skill requests, and other factors will indirectly reflect the service life of the hose.

Fourth, take the pump tube

Peristaltic pumps are amateur hoses, and their size, material, inertia, and angle are all very demanding skill requests!

1. The material of the pump tube is selected. The solids that need to be delivered are highly corrosive solids! According to the nature of the solids, the materials needed for the market are external hoses or outlet hoses. The inner and outer hoses are made of silicone rubber material, which can withstand normal chemical attack, and the specially requested hoses need to rely on export goods. There are a lot of materials for export hoses. For details, please refer to [Pipeline Chemical Resistance Compatibility Table], and our cargo engineer will stop accurate referral according to the chemical factors you need!
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