Peristaltic pump stainless steel surface treatment common problems and preventive measures

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2018-10-24 15:59

Baoding Chuangrui talks about the common problms and preventive measures of peristaltic pump stainless steel surface treatment

Peristaltic pump stainless steel needs to have excellent properties such as unique strength, high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance, and rust resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry, food machinery, electromechanical industry, environmental protection industry, household appliance industry and home decoration, fine decoration industry, giving people a gorgeous and noble feeling.

    The development of stainless steel applications will be more and more promising, but the development of stainless steel applications largely determines the degree of development of its surface treatment technology.
Peristaltic pump stainless steel surface treatment common problems and preventive measures
    First, the common surface treatment method of stainless steel

    (1) Introduction to stainless steel varieties

    Main components of stainless steel: generally contain high-quality metal elements such as chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), molybdenum (Mo), and titanium (Ti). Common stainless steel: chrome stainless steel, containing Cr≥12% or more; nickel-chromium stainless steel, containing Cr≥18%, containing Ni≥12%. Classification from stainless steel metallographic structure: austenitic stainless steel, for example, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni11Nb, Cr18Mn8Ni5. Martensitic stainless steel, for example, Cr17, Cr28, and the like. Generally referred to as non-magnetic stainless steel and with magnetic stainless steel.

    (B) common stainless steel surface treatment methods

    Peristaltic pump stainless steel surface treatment technology has the following treatment methods: surface natural whitening treatment; surface mirror bright treatment; surface coloring treatment.
Peristaltic pump stainless steel surface treatment common problems and preventive measures
    Surface color whitening treatment: stainless steel in the process of processing, through the coiling, burring, welding or artificial surface baking and heating treatment, resulting in black scale. This hard gray-black oxide scale is mainly composed of two kinds of EO4 components, NiCr2O4, and NiF, which were previously removed by strong etching using hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. However, this method is costly, pollutes the environment, is harmful to the human body, is highly corrosive, and is gradually being eliminated.

    Stainless steel surface mirror brightening method: According to the complexity of stainless steel products and user requirements, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, etc. can be used to achieve specular gloss.

    Surface coloring treatment: stainless steel coloring not only gives various colors to stainless steel products, increases the variety of products, but also improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the products.

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