How to use peristaltic pump correctly

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2018-10-22 15:40


How to properly use a peristaltic pump is a concern for users of peristaltic pumps.Because the problems caused by improper operation are various, what should be the first step when the peristaltic pump has problems? Peristaltic pump troubleshooting should be performed.

Today we are talking about how to find out why the peristaltic pump is not running.

First, check that the power connections are correct.

Second, if you are using a peristaltic pump that operates on a touch screen, check that the lock screen keys on the screen are correct.
peristaltic pump
As shown in the figure, if the lock screen function is turned on, the touch screen operation will not work. third. Check that the pump head and pump tubing are selected and installed correctly. If the pump head selected in the system is not the same as the actual installed pump head, the peristaltic pump will not work properly.
peristaltic pump
If there is no problem in these aspects, then it is necessary to enter the setting to check whether the external control is started or not. In the mode of external control start and stop, the start button on the touch screen does not work.
 peristaltic pump
These are some simple ways to troubleshoot the peristaltic pump. If you want to know more about the peristaltic pump, you are welcome to visit our website:


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