How to repair a peristaltic pump

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2018-10-15 15:23


The problem of the peristaltic pump repair has always been a problem for the customer. If the customer does not have a professional technician, once the problem occurs in the use of the peristaltic pump, it is likely to affect the production or experiment.

Because many customers' peristaltic pumps are imported, if the peristaltic pump is handed over to the manufacturer for repair, the transportation process will be delayed for a long time. So how to simply repair a peristaltic pump?
peristaltic pump

First of all, customers must pay attention to the quality of peristaltic pumps when purchasing peristaltic pumps. A good peristaltic pump can be used for several years or even ten years. Second, when using a peristaltic pump, it must be strictly operated in accordance with the manufacturer's product manual to avoid unnecessary errors. Third, if there is a problem with the product, no professional technicians must refrain from repairing the peristaltic pump. It should be understood that the manufacturer is contacted and repaired under the guidance of a professional.

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