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2018-09-26 15:53

Chuangrui peristaltic pump has been deeply loved by customers because of its good quality and perfect personnel service. In order to thank customers, Chuangrui peristaltic pump will select several products every month to sell at a discount.
This month's discounted peristaltic pump product is SG600FC.
peristaltic pump    peristaltic pump
SG600FC is a touch-screen peristaltic pump that can be installed with YZ35,YZ35-13,LP25 and other pump heads. The flow range can reach 12L/min/ has flow calibration function, making the flow control is more precise for quantitative transmission fluid.and it has a communication interface, can provide users with communication protocols, in accordance with user's requirements to custom the PC software.
Every month, there are products that are sold at a discount, and some customers do not know how to choose the right products. In fact, as long as four questions are identified, the right product can be selected.
1. What's flow rate you need? (ml/min)
2. What kind of liquid you will handle?
3. Does the liquid corrosive and viscous?
4. What's the density or viscosity of the liquid?

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