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2018-09-17 15:11

In recent years, the peristaltic pump industry has developed rapidly, the peristaltic pump market has become larger and larger, and competition has become increasingly fierce.

First of all, the application field of peristaltic pumps is constantly being excavated and expanded, and the application range is broadened. So far, peristaltic pumps have been needed in various fields such as laboratories, medical, chemical, mining, and construction to match the post-work. Second, peristaltic pumps have replaced many products because of their superiority.

The advantage of peristaltic pump:
peristaltic pumps

1. No contamination - the liquid only contacts the pump tube;

2, durable - suitable for a variety of industrial or laboratory conditions;

3, easy to clean and clean - just need to simply replace the pump tube to work again;

4, a wide range of applications, suitable for a variety of liquids.

5, low maintenance, no seals, no valves;

6, very good self-priming function, non-siphon, can be dry and self-priming.

As a pioneer in the peristaltic pump industry, Chuangrui Pumps always adheres to the philosophy of serving customers. Today's peristaltic pump market is flooded with a large number of products, and customers often find it difficult to choose the right product. Baoding Chuangrui starts from the customer's point of view and starts from the customer's needs to develop a suitable plan for the customer

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