How to choose a suitable peristaltic pump

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2018-09-10 11:02

How to choose a suitable peristaltic pump

Customers need to understand the flow, type of liquid, and mode of operation when selecting a peristaltic pump. These three elements determine the basic type of peristaltic pump.

After selecting the type of peristaltic pump, you need to adjust the peristaltic pump and set some parameters. The peristaltic pumps currently on the market have roughly divided into two categories. This is related to the working mode of the peristaltic pump. The flow can be controlled by the speed or directly.

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We had an Estonian customer before. He chose the peristaltic pump to fill the essential oils. There are many types of bottles, 5ml, 10ml, 100ml, etc., and there are certain requirements for filling accuracy. Based on this situation, we recommend BT600FC for him. This peristaltic pump has transmission and filling functions. It uses touch screen operation to control the flow by inputting values, which greatly facilitates the customer's use. This peristaltic pump has excellent precision control and fully meets the customer's filling needs.

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