How to perform peristaltic pump verification

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2018-08-28 16:57


There are many liquids transmitted by the peristaltic pump, such as ketchup, conditioner, glycerin, honey, etc., as well as some liquids that we don't know. How to judge whether or not the liquid can be transported is the most effective way to verify the peristaltic pump. . A great leader in our country once said that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

In general, customers will perform peristaltic pump verification before purchasing a peristaltic pump. It is to determine whether the peristaltic pump can transport the customer's liquid. If the liquid is special, the customer can send a part of the liquid for what experiment. Another situation is that the customer does not know what the liquid is. It can tell us the approximate density range and viscosity range of a liquid. We will look for a similar liquid to test

.Not long ago, one of our customers needed to transfer a liquid similar to ketchup. We prepared some ketchup for testing. It was found that there are three types of peristaltic pumps that can meet the needs of customers. According to the actual usage of the customer, we made 3 plans. The customer selected our SG600FC peristaltic pump. This peristaltic pump is touch screen operation and can be controlled by the foot switch, which is the most suitable for the actual operation of the customer.
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Therefore, it is important to select a suitable peristaltic pump. How to verify whether a peristaltic pump is suitable is to perform peristaltic pump verification. From the customer's point of view, choose the product to help customers choose the most suitable product.

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