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2018-08-22 16:37


A peristaltic pump is an instrument that produces a power transfer liquid by squeezing a pump tube through a roller. This kind of power can also be said to be the peristaltic pump self priming.The suction and the thrust of the extrusion form a force on the liquid in the pump tube.
peristaltic pump peristaltic pump


The SG600FC is a popular peristaltic pump that has two modes of operation, transmission and distribution, with YZ35/YZ35-13 pump head, the flow range is 1.3 - 12000ml / min, to meet the needs of different flow. More importantly, the SG600FC is powerful enough to transport/fill a wide range of viscous liquids. The most widely used is the filling of industrial glycerin.

Glycerol is widely used as a raw material in industrial, bio-pharmaceutical and other fields. Due to its high density, the transport of this liquid places high demands on the accuracy and power of the peristaltic pump. The SG600FC has been tested several times to fully meet the various distributions of glycerol.
peristaltic pump


In addition to glycerin, SG600FC can also transfer honey, ketchup, nail polish and more.

SG600FC features
Ø TFT LCD touch screen display and intuitive control more convenient
Ø With flow calibration function, making the flow control is more precise for quantitative transmission fluid

Ø Large graphic LCD screen used in conjunction with the key switch, man-machine interface more friendly, more convenient for the user
Ø Have a communication interface, can provide users with communication protocols, in accordance with user's requirements to custom the PC software
Ø Higher cost performance

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