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2018-08-20 14:52

Peristaltic pumps and red wine are two different products, one for industrial products and the other for drinks. So, what is the connection between the two products? Let us talk about the connection between peristaltic pump and wine.

First of all, from the brewing of wine, one is pure natural and no added wine, the other is wine with added alcohol and some auxiliary ingredients.When adding the material, the requirements for the dosage are very precise, and the peristaltic pump is a precise measuring instrument, so the peristaltic pump is a good choice for adding the material.For example, BT600FC, this is a peristaltic pump with touch screen operation. It has two modes of operation, transmission and distribution. A peristaltic pump is used to add items to many liquid compositions.
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There is also a filling function just mentioned, and the peristaltic pump can be applied to the filling of red wine. The peristaltic pump has good precision, simple operation, set the filling volume, filling time, filling times and stopping time to fill the red wine. The peristaltic pump can also be controlled by foot switch or external control. It can be used alone or in combination with equipment, making it suitable for a wide range of plant sizes.

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In addition to filling red wine, the peristaltic pump can also fill a lot of liquids, such as milk, juice, drinks and so on. In addition, there are applications for peristaltic pumps on some beverage vending machines.
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The peristaltic pump has a flow range from large to large and is suitable for many equipment.

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