Selection of peristaltic pump motor

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2018-08-14 17:41
Peristaltic pump is a kind of pump with better sales in the market, and it is also a kind of pump with wide application field. There are many advantages of peristaltic pump. The motor used in peristaltic pump is generally divided into DC brushed motor, DC brushless motor, AC. Motor, step motor and other major types. The following small series will give you a detailed answer to each motor.

One: DC brush motor

Its advantages are: lower cost, easier control, and less noise.

Its shortcoming is: the service life is relatively short. The voltage of the power supply is relatively large when running, the startup speed is relatively slow, and the low speed operation is relatively unstable.

Two: DC brushless motor

Its advantages are: no brush design, longer service life than brushed motor. Noise is relatively small.

Its shortcoming is: it needs special control circuit drive, the voltage ratio is also very large during the running process. It is unstable at low speed.

Three: AC motor

Its advantages are: low cost, relatively low noise, and long life.

Its disadvantage is that the speed is not easy to control. The voltage changes during operation are relatively large. The low speed operation is unstable.

Four: stepper motor

Its advantages are: stable at low speed or high speed. The service life is also relatively long.

Its shortcoming is: the shape will be larger. Sometimes there will be a phenomenon of resonance. It needs circuit drive to control. The efficiency is relatively low.

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