What is the difference between a basic type and a distributed peristaltic pump?

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2018-08-08 14:49

Peristaltic pump is also called constant flow pump, also called hose pump or peristaltic hose pump. There are many manufacturers of peristaltic pumps in China, but they are summarized as having a basic peristaltic pump, a peristaltic pump, and a peristaltic pump.
The basic peristaltic pump has basic flow delivery functions and associated external control interfaces. Usually these pumps only display speed and have some basic simple gap operation functions. The purpose of this function is to achieve distribution. However, since the speed and flow need to be calculated by themselves, it is not intuitive to use.
The flow type peristaltic pump means that the pump can have a large liquid crystal display. This screen can display the speed and the flow rate display after the single-chip conversion of the pump. The pump also has a common external control interface and function.

The distributed peristaltic pump refers to the pump itself has a large liquid crystal display, the flow display or the speed display on the display, as well as the number of bottles, the amount of filling, the filling time, the gap time and other necessary and non-essential Some parameters are displayed.
Although the distribution type peristaltic pump and the flow type peristaltic pump seem to have some differences, the two pumps are basically not much different in hardware. The main difference is the program, but some merchants in the market do sell traffic. The type of peristaltic pump is much higher than the price of the peristaltic pump. To put it bluntly, this is actually a concept of product management. If the user agrees that this concept is more necessary for this function, then there is nothing wrong with it.
The BT-300CA peristaltic pump produced by Chuangrui Peristaltic pump is an intelligent peristaltic pump. This pump has the functions of a peristaltic pump and a peristaltic pump. It can obtain two functions at the same time. With the pump, this can greatly save the user's purchase cost and improve the efficiency of the instrument.

Note 1: The description of the quantity display: the flow display of the peristaltic pump is displayed after the speed conversion, does not represent the actual flow rate of the current delivery, and is not the actual result of the flow meter detection or weighing of the weighing sensor, so the peristaltic pump The displayed flow rate is the result of displaying the flow rate of each revolution of the pump through the coefficient and displaying it on the interface.
Note 2: The flow rate of the peristaltic pump per revolution is relatively accurate and constant, so it is also called constant current pump. The flow error of this constant current pump is smaller than one revolution per revolution, so increasing the circle will increase the same flow, so we pass The way of calculating the flow per turn knows the amount of flow per unit time.
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