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It is well known that peristaltic pumps can be used in a variety of industries, and environmental sampling is one of the many applications of formal peristaltic pumps.The peristaltic pump is mainly used for liquids, so most of the components sampled by the environment are liquid.In environmental sampling, a peristaltic pump can take a metered amount of liquid.This greatly saves the sampler a lot of time, and the peristaltic pump can also periodically add reagents to the liquid to facilitate monitoring of changes in the sampled liquid.
peristaltic pump peristaltic pump


A lot of sampling work takes place outdoors, the environment is not very good, so there is a high demand for the quality of peristaltic pumps.Some of our customers have purchased a peristaltic pump for sampling experiments. Some of these customers purchased a peristaltic pump, and some purchased an OEM peristaltic pump for equipment.
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The OEM peristaltic pump is delicious in that it is small in size, easy to carry, and takes up little space when it is equipped with equipment.

OEM peristaltic pumps are routinely used with DC motors, and the accuracy is not very high.
peristaltic pump
If the customer has requirements for accuracy, we can replace them with stepper motors.The accuracy of the stepper motor can fully meet the customer's requirements for accuracy.
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In addition, we can provide customers with some customized services on the basis of the original, such as shape, language and so on.

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