peristaltic pump risk assessment

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2018-08-01 16:58

peristaltic pump
Some accessories or components will be slowly worn out during the use of the parts. Some parts can be used directly after replacement. Some core parts will cause direct scrapping of the items. Today we will talk about the wear parts of the peristaltic pump and take a peristaltic pump risk assessment.

First, we need to understand the components of the peristaltic pump: the drive, the pump head, the pump tube and some application accessories, such as: filling needles, filling brackets, check valves, foot switches and so on.

These accessories are all separate, and you don't need them if you don't need them. If these accessories are damaged, they can be replaced with new ones. The pump head and pump tubing can also be replaced directly, all of which will not cause direct scrapping of the peristaltic pump and can be replaced directly with new ones.
peristaltic pump


The core components in the construction of the drive are the main board and the motor. If the motor is not always used, the life span may vary from one year to several years. If the motor is used continuously, it must take into account the life of the motor. If the motor is damaged, it directly affects the use of the peristaltic pump.

This is a risk assessment of a peristaltic pump, and the motor and main board pose the greatest risk to the peristaltic pump.

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