peristaltic pump issues

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2018-07-18 11:35

People have a variety of issues in choosing to use a peristaltic pump. Today we will discuss the issues of peristaltic pumps.

First of all, how to choose a suitable peristaltic pump ? Four questions need to be identified:

1,what's the application of the pump ? bottle filling or constant transfer ? 
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2,what kind of liquid you will transfer ? does it corrosive ? does it can flow as water ?
3, for constant transfer ,what's flow rate you need? ml/min 
peristaltic pump issues 2
4, for bottle filling ,what's your bottle's volume ? ml How many bottles you want to filling in 1 min ?

Through these questions, we can determine a peristaltic pump, of course, there are some details that need us to pay attention, such as the power supply.After selecting the peristaltic pump, it involves the use of a peristaltic pump, because we sometimes give customers some small accessories when transporting the product, but the customer does not know how to use it.
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These three accessories are the filling needle, the countersunk head and the check valve.The filling needle is generally used for dispensing filling, and the countersunk head is used to connect the end of the tube placed in the liquid to prevent the pump tube from sucking the bottom suction wall. Check valves, as the name suggests, are used to prevent liquid back-feeding resulting in inaccurate accuracy.
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Another important issues about peristaltic pumps is how to use external controls and what properties to control.
peristaltic pump issues
Under normal circumstances, the customer only needs a foot switch to control the start and stop.However, some customers may use the communication protocol. In this case, I suggest that the customer contact our technical staff to ensure that the peristaltic pump can operate normally.


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