What is the peristaltic pump gearbox

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2018-06-26 14:50
What is the peristaltic pump gearbox
Peristaltic pump is divided into three parts: drive, pump head, pump tube. The drive consists of a motor, gearbox, etc.The peristaltic pump gearbox is connected to the motor, which is used to adjust the speed to a suitable speed and then to the pump head and pump tube.
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Most peristaltic pumps are equipped with gearboxes. The speed of peristaltic pumps on the market is now much the same, and the flow range is also about the same. With so many products, customers value the accuracy and quality when selecting products.
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A good peristaltic pump is made up of several high-quality components, including a high-quality gearbox. Although the peristaltic pump is used as a whole, if a part of the peristaltic pump is in use, it is very difficult for the customer to solve it.
So the products I buy must be guaranteed to be quality products when they are shipped.We have a German customer who has worked for many years and he buys several products every year. Germany's product quality requirements are very high. Our products have passed his tests and are in full compliance with his standards, so he and we have a long-term cooperation. Put more time and energy into product development and product quality. If you have high-quality products, you will naturally attract customers.

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